Portable PV Storage System

Shoto Mall


The product is a portable integrated system independently developed by Shoto. It is chargeable via both Solar PV and Utility. The system adopts advanced digital charging and discharging circuitry, equipped with efficient outside solar panel and long-life indoor lithium battery. It has stable performance with reliable power supply and easy to use.


1500 cycle-life lithium battery, extended useable life. 

Capable to charge via Solar PV and AC power, extend the flexibity of system. 

Alluminium mounting structure with stainless steel track, adjustable installation angle. 

The PV controller adopts digital circuitry with high integrity, operational range, which improves the battery working life.

The system has lithium battery information display and several LED indicators, feedback the operating status of the system in time.

The system adopts low energy consumption design (鈮?0mA), increase the performance. 

The internal space for inverter is reserved, clients can add AC output according to the real demand. 

Compact system structure, small in size, light in weight and convenient to carry.