6-FMXH Series Front Terminal High Temperature Battery

SHOTO 6-FMXH series is a new product in the SHOTO battery family. This product has been designed for high temperature application, based on international advanced technology. With corrosion-resistant alloy material, special grid design, proprietary activator, low density electrolyte technology. 6-FMXH battery devote itself to protect our Environment and Human with green clean energy and natural resources used effective.

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Main Applications

High temperature environment (35°C)

Outdoor base station

Floating operation site



Reduce operational cost (less cooling consumption)

Reduce CO2 emission

Secure operation under high temperature up to 55°C

Double floating charge life vs. traditional VRLA battery under 35°C

Technical Features

Good performance for continuous operation up to 35°C

Extend service life under high temperature

Excellent over discharge recovery capability