Small Cell Power System

Shoto Mall


5G communication network is characterized by lower latency, large bandwidth and multiple accesses however it presents customers with new problems: High location density, higher power consumption and higher operating costs. As a customer-focused company, the ShotoGroup has developed an integrated power supply system that will support the introduction of 5G in terms of cost and speed.

This system includes power supply module (rectifier, monitoring, power distribution and a wireless communication unit) and lithium battery module. It is highly efficient, compact, lightweight, easy to install. It doesn’t need setting, and its maintenance free. It also supports capacity expansion. It is specially designed for 5G micro base station.

The power supply system uses an aluminum casing with excellent heat dissipation capacity, and is suitable for harsh working environments such as: high and low temperature, dust, and humidity. Support wall and pole mounting and it is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as indoor and outdoor. It can help our customer achieve rapid networking, reduce site energy consumption, and reduce site operation and maintenance costs.

Application scenario

Distributed 5G micro base station

Distributed small-capacity terminal site

Transmission site

Small cells

Other low-power sites