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Together with the customer,developed the world's leading energy storage system

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Our service


Our service


Our service


Our service

We actively explore, ever-growing energy world. Our commitment to excellence, shaping with strong sustainable development of enterprises. We brought together the global industry experts, joint scientific research Institute, together with the customer, developed the world's leading energy storage system. We used Internet platforms and large data storage, the pursuit of a perfect service.

LFP Series(10AH-...

LFP series lithium battery system for communication is a high-tech product, it’s manufactured an...

6-FMXH Series Hig...

Best performance for continuous operation up to 35°C Extend service life under high temperature...

6-GFM series(24A...

AGM technology applied in 6-GFM series batteries Float charge service life under normal operatio...

VRLA SLI Battery ...

Structure Characteristics Perfect seal of post: unique structure of triple seal(patent: ZL 02 2 ...

GFM Series(200AH...

Shuangdeng Brand GFM series VRLA battery is the latest product developed by Shuangdeng through la...

Container Electri...

Large energy storage system is beneficial to reliable operation of grid. It has important effect ...

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